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What build would be like a Baldur's Gate Bard/Blade?

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Hi - if anyone knows me from the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition forums you'll know that I loved playing Bards, especially Blades, which are basically dual-wielding high DPS rogues that can buff themselves with magic to enhance their abilities. What would be a suitable starting class/race/ and stats choice to create something similar in Pillars of Eternity? Thanks!

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Chanter is def. more blade-esque as they, well, chant -- but you might also want to consider the cipher. No chanting, but pretty wack gameplay: you do regular combat with "soul whip" enabled to charge up your Focus, then use Focus to fire off some fairly badass spell-likes. You could easily make a dual-wielding flashy type for that.

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Rogue has several active abilities, but if you want the flavor of the bard- spells, song- chanter is the class for you.

Check sensuki's youtube he has builds for two weapon rogue and tank chanter.


I found these Youtube videos from Sensuki that might be relevant:


Melee Cipher
Dual-Wield Rogue
Tank/Summon Chanter
None of them are quite like a Bard/, the Melee Cipher is perhaps the closest, though a chanter seems more like an ordinary bard
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"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

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