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Range Weapon Bonuses not working



I'm using a character that should have a stacked +5 accuracy rating at range from a target: Distant Advantage Wood Elf racial as well as the Marksman talent.


However, neither bonus seems to be applying properly. Just tested this at 1m and 12m with a War Bow. In both cases, the combat log is showing 43 accuracy rather than 43 accuracy @ 1m and 53 accuracy @ 12m.



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Same thing happening to me, I believe it's wide-spread.  Hopefully they come up with a hotfix soon.  In the meantime I wonder if adding it back via console command would work?  Would probably botch your achievements (if that matters to you.)


EDIT: Nevermind, it's not that the character is losing the ability (it's still on the character sheet) it's just stopped procing for some reason.

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