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Double clicking to equip armor removes ALL passive buffs.



I saw this on Reddit, http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/30lmx2/psa_doubleclicking_equipment_bug/, so credit to user Kirur for pointing it out, but I wasn't sure if he or she would post it here, as I have tested it myself. There's a webm in the thread for the lazy,




Essentially, double clicking to equip armor removes all passive buffs including racials. Pretty gamebreaking if you ask me. Hopefully there's a way to patch back in buffs you've lost, otherwise I'm going to have to restart my 10 hour game.

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Read about a fix for lost passives. Seems that dismissing companions and reinviting them in the party makes abilities reappear. I have no idea if it works for stacking stats but I know what cause those :


My Sagani and Durance now have a base defense value equal to the armor they usually wear. Ie Sagani, without any equipment or ability, has now 9 base DR in my game. Durance has 5. Which means that, when they wear an armor and equipment (capes, belts etc) they reach insane DR. Sagani now has 20 DR with a medium armor and no shield lol.

It occured after I swapped teammates many times while at stronghold for item management. Seems it "wrote" the items values in their character sheet as permanent one, stacking them as a result.

Another problem I encountered occured after stacking two +intellect items. It concerns the horn that gives more focus per hit and +2 intellect (forgot its name). Basically, from my experiments, putting the horn on and off repeatedly while already profitting from a +intellect (that cancels the bonus from the horn) results in a massive permanent gain next time I rest. I witnessed 26 Intelligence on Grieving Mother, I fortunately had a previous save. Though she now has 16 base intellect instead of 12 I think (or 14, whatever) because this occured before i notice the bug.

Another bug I have, I don't even know if it's a bug, is that Grieving mother doesn't build any focus on succesful attacks during combat.

Qu'avez-vous fait de l'honneur de la patrie ?

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