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Bug: Page from Fulvano's Travels Stacking



In the area Anslog's Compass there are (at least) three hidden stash locations that contain a page from Fulvano's Travels.

If you put them in the stash together they stack.

Each of the three pages is supposed to have a different story (one about the gloves, one about the boots, one about the compass) but when they become stacked they evidently seem to take the form of the first one in the stash.

So now I've got three Fulvano's Travels pages that all discuss his gloves, even when I take them out of the stash and separate them.

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This also occurs with the 'Expedition Log pages' found in Endless Paths of Od Nua dungeon (I'm pretty sure the two that I've found are on levels 4 and 5). Just like Fulvano's, they stack when in the stash, and upon being separated both read identical entries.

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