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I did it with Edar and Kaloth, I survived with 1 HP and Edar had 15 left. Bottom line is Edar was not as tanky as I had hoped.


Thanks for the vid.  Of course, I didn't use fan of flames because I assumed it was all friendly fire. Ahh.

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Took me a few tries but I managed to solo it with my druid at level 2 with his spells.  Opened up with the sunscorch one, then retreated down the corridoor a bit and then tossed down two of those rending claw spells as they engaged me.  Finally shape changed to finish off the big bear.

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I did it with the companions from the Vale, with my character a Chanter. I would never have been able to solo it, same with the wolf pack near the dead adventurer. With Eder tanking a bit, I had Aloth cast Combusting Wounds for some continuous damage, and summoned my Chanter's 3 skeletons soon as I got the chance. I won the encounter JUST as Eder was knocked out.

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I got the items necessary for two fan of flames scrolls from the first areas, which allowed me to take out the two bears on hard with my level two fighter.

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