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Can you use a shield with "One-Handed Style"?

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Are you sure about that? I took One-Handed Style because nowhere in the talent description or effect description does it mention no shields, just: Self+ 30% Grazes converted to Hits whith one-handed melee weapons."


There is already a massive bonus to accuracy while using a single one-handed weapon and no shield, so I don't see where it says the talent won't work with a shield.


Unfortunately I don't know how to look at the stat for Grazes converted to Hits, so I can't test it in the inventory screen like I can accuracy or defense bonuses.


I've seen differing opinions, but has anyone poked around in the assets or done enough ingame testing to know whether or not this is true?


If it doesn't work, I wasted one of my precious talents many hours of gameplay ago.

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Slightly off-topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread - my fighter currently has the Weapon & Shield trait which grants me extra deflection. I recently found a shield with the bash property - considering this gives me a a second attack with the shield, will the Two-Weapon Fighting trait apply it's bonus while I'm using that specific shield?

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It does say in the log window. Just click on any "hit" you did and if its graze converted to hit it will say it.

Thank you for this! I tested it out and one-handed style does indeed work with a shield!

The effect is exactly as stated.

Duelist types and fans of Single Weapon Style from Baldur's Gate 2 will have to be content with the +12 Accuracy bonus that you get with a single one-handed weapon.

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I'm an expert in one-handed style if u kno wut im sayin

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I would like some info on Bash as well. What does it do? How does it work with talents?


It's unclear.  Someone should probably do some testing, or something.


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