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[Linux] Missing Anti-Aliasing



Anti-Aliasing on characters does not seem to work for me - see the attached screenshot (cropped for file size - didn't want to use lossless compression), especially the sword on the right and the guy on the bottom left. It gets much more annoying in-game when things move around.


I've tried manually setting

msaa 8

in the game's console (and also with all the other powers of two from 1-16), but there is no effect.


PoE version v1.0.2.0508 (but I also saw this in the backer beta)

OS: Linux (Gentoo)

Graphics hardware: AMD Radeon HD 7950

Graphics driver: radeonsi (recently built from git - Mesa b5f19db, LLVM r232378)

Unity's Player.log


There is also no anti-aliasing with the Catalyst 14.12 driver.


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It seems that choosing a non native resolution actually made the antialiasing working.

On my 1600x1200 screen, choose anything lower "fixes" antialiasing issue (nvidia blob)

on a 1366x768 laptop (intel hd4000) choosing 1280x720 (or lower) make antialias work.


Of course this is not a solution, but maybe this information could help devs to narrow down the issue or open the way to new workarounds...

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