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What does "second chance" do? There is no tooltip nor is it listed in the character abilities. 



edit: not sure why they changed the forum name to stories and removed mechanics...

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I've never seen it do anything. Then again, he's tanked like a mofo the way I have him. over 100 defense in some.

Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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Seems to auto-ress him to around half endurance if he gets kocked out. 

Per encounter? or Per rest? any idea?


Pretty op though




  From what I recall it's per encounter.  There are several other items in the game that grant the same ability (e.g. ring of wonder).  Quite useful if you need a caster or a key character to stick around.  Doesn't help if there is an area effect in place (character can knock out shortly after reviving), though status effects/damage over time are removed I believe.

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works perfectly.  had it trigger as I was charging a xaurip high priest in the tunnels under the keep... and eder blundered into a trap.

on hard, those traps do 100 damage.  even a stupid dart trap.

so, he gets knocked unconscious by the trap, then bounces right back up and proceeds to lop the head off the priest.

I call that a win.

you only get "maimed" if you lose all your HEALTH, not your endurance, just fyi.

you'd have to be doing something seriously wrong to lose all your health.  I haven't even come close to that ever happening, first run through on hard mode.

again, it bounces you back up when you get KNOCKED OUT, and you don't get maimed unless your entire health pool was ALSO at zero.

so, bottom line, yeah.  it's worth keeping.  it's decent armor as well, and not nearly as slow as plate.

now, if you want eger to actually be a primary tank, instead of an off-tank or dps fighter, then you probably will want to actually dump it for full plate at some point.

but really... egers stats make him an ideal secondary tank, and I have had zero problems leaving that armor on him and just enchanting it to make it better.


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