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when do you found companions, maybe i missed one?

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Well i got into a cave and got "owned" by 2 bears in 3 seconds lol


Figure maybe i should have found a companion before?


I skipped that dungeon and went to next map..


First one i found was a mage, then i got to the tavern and able to make one more, but i had head there was a fighter you could find, did i miss him?

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The fighter is in the same town you found the mage, you probably have already talked to him but he won't join you until you advance the main quest. He's hard to miss. 


Also some of the encounters you will find aren't necessarily meant to be tackled right away. If you have a hard time just avoid the encounter/area and come back later when you either have more party members or are higher level. 

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Bears will kick your ass if you try them alone. First two companions (warrior and wizard) are at first town, Guilded Vale. Good luck!

And if you have the money and it's still tough for you, hire an adventurer at the Black Hound inn (talk to barwoman, also in Guilded Vale).

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Pretty easy to pick up 4 companions quickly without paying.



Wizard is at the inn. Sleep in the Inn's common room and the fighter will become available once you've investigated the tree. Head south and you'll find the Priest at the crossroads. Go east (technically south eastern corner of the map) to cross another map to the east and arrive at Caed Nua and recruit the Chanter. All of this can be done only facing about two to four fights (depending on how well you move/sneak) after leaving your intial companions dead.



I have not found any way to get a final companion to fill the slot, nor a way to get more without some kind of more rigorous combat. That doesn't mean it is not possible, just that I'm unaware of what path one might take.

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