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Launch day lets do this, ie games are back, thanks to obsidion

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Obsidion thanks for bringing a great genre back from the dead..Deep in our hearts most never thought to see this day come..We shall enjoy this game for years to come..Ive no doubt that pillars will be a winner..Over the years you have brought great joy to my family an others im sure..South park had us laughing an we arent south park fans..Still it had dnd in it an we enjoyed it..Congratulation to you guys, lets rock..SIx pm cant get here soon enough for me since i have to work )..

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I love the fact that the recent influx of new RPG have proved to be succesfull and that old and new gamers once again can play these sort of games. Goes to show how diverse the gaming industry really can be and it's not all about shooters and fast-moving entertainment.


Two thumbs up to Obsidian!

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