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Gog or steam for an offline PC

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I'm not familiar with these platforms, so for my convenience, I have an desktop PC at work that I use for game during break time, so I just want to download my copy of PoE with my PC at Home and install it later on this PC.


It wil be a problem ? I hope that I don't have to be connected at some moment for some validations because for my work PC, I have a very limited 4 G conection with only 200 Mo/Month ( Belgium is expensive for this kind of thing).


It wil be unbelievable that I must take the game I kickstarted on a piracy site to play at my wish.






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If you already have a Steam library, you could use it just for the convenience.

Contrary to apparently popular belief, there is no need to be online when playing Steam games. It is also easy to disable auto-update aswell as opting out of any community features.


I think you should support CD Projekt if you want and grab it on GoG, but pay no heed to the cries of "Steam DRM" here. I have had zero problems with the steam platform for maybe the past six years.


Anyway, I'm just posting for the other side. Both platforms allow you to play offline and where Steam has DRM, GoG doesn't - but it is really not a big deal, and I still use steam over GoG simply for the convenience of having all my games in the same place, along with everything auto-updating.

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GOG gives you the installer and you are set. Then you can download the patches when you want.

With Steam, you need to log in before you can even use the offline mode, the updates are automated unless you disable them, and whenever I tried to install a game from a backup Steam decided I had to download the whole thing again.

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