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Can I RP a diplomatic aumaua barbarian?

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I was wondering if this might be possible in PoE mechanics? I really like to play this game for story and RP reasons, it doesn't need to be a perfect build, but must be at least decent so I won't have any big troubles in combat etc.


My general idea would be to play an Island Aumaua Barbarian, in combat he is all enraged and big hitter, but outside of combat he is actually quite intelligent and rational. So in dialogues he can choose often for the rational or diplomatic option. His background could be like a bodyguard in Vailian Republics. So he knows how to do combat but also grew up around smart and governing people.


General attributes would be mostly in: Might, Constitution and Intelligence. All good stats for a barbarian in this game I have heard.

Is just having high intelligence enough for these non-combat RP?

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Diplomacy seems to be more about carefully choosing dialog options than building a character in a particular way. This being said, and although pretty much anything can affect dialogs, some stats will probably give more dialog options than other, like Intelligence or Perception.

So If you put some points in Intelligence, I guess you'll have more options in dialogs, including ways to resolves situations without fighting. But overall, through the reputation system, I'll bet that anybody will encounter diplomatic options and, on the other hand, will see himself unable to talk his way out. Reputation, if well done which i'm confident about in PoE, is a double edged sword.

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if your not a barbarian, i wouldn't dump any points into con..but if you are I would recommend it.

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if your not a barbarian, i wouldn't dump any points into con..but if you are I would recommend it.

Con can be good with fighters too; if you're playing a tank, and even then CON won't be that great until you're high level. Still better than RES or PER though.

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