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Questions on what happens to recovery times and reloads when interrupted in combat

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I have a few questions:


Each attack and each spell is basically locked to the frame rate of the game (30 fps), and they are divided into attack/spell animation frames, recovery frames, and for some ranged weapons, reload animation frames.


Moreover, when you switch weapon sets, there is a recovery penalty as well. Take the talent Quick Switch, and it is reduced.


My questions mainly concern what happens when any of these animation frame sequences get interrupted or cancelled:


1) When attacking with a melee or ranged weapon, and you get interrupted, will the animation reset and automatically start over? Or will I have to command that unit to do its attack again? Is it outright cancelled?


2) When attacking by casting a spell/ability, I presume an interrupt means that it is cancelled. However, is that per encounter or rest spell/ability lost then?


3) When my melee or ranged weapon or spell that just attacked/was cast is recovering, and you get interrupted, will the animation reset and automatically keep recovering? I mean, if not, and it starts over, my character would benefit from such an interrupt.


4) During a reload of a ranged weapon, if you get interrupted, will the animation reset and automatically keep reloading? Once again, if not, an interrupted reload might be a blessing?


5) If I shoot a ranged weapon with a long recovery and reload time, and then switch weapon sets or even better, cast a spell instead, will that recovery and reload keep going in the background (if so, can I check how far it's gone, like those pips?) 


6) When switching weapon sets, will weapon set 1 recover and reload while I'm shifting to weapon set 2 and then fire it?



All of the above is important stuff for understanding combat and planning certain builds, and I have no clue.



And lastly, and odd suggestion that just struck me:

Some people find the naked ranged characters a bit immersion-breaking and weird (You'd do anything for better recovery times, it seems). So, how about this penalty for naked characters, but not for those in robes and above?


Naked characters should not be allowed to switch weapon sets in combat. Only possible exceptions, if we consider a small belt or something: one stiletto may be switch to a dagger or a club, but that's it. At least it would be some penalty. I have a hard time, picturing naked characters lugging around arbalests and two-handed swords without severe rashes, sores and chafes on their exposed bodies. Heh, but the pain-digging monks might enjoy that.

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Some of your questions have been answered before, especially by Sensuki's posts and vids, but I hope I'll be able to summarize the basics again correctly.

1) Interrupts don't cancel attacks or spells, just increase their time according to the weapons interruption time in its description. I believe this changed in the last patch.

2) So your daily allotment of spells / special attacks are not lost when interrupted.

3, 4) The same applies to recovery and reload, their frames increase accordingly.

5) I believe recovery is universal, while reloading is tied to the specific weapon. By changing weapons you only ignore the reload (there's even a build around it, here is a vid by Sensuki) but not the recovery time (there was a bug about this too, probably fixed by now)


6) Weapons don't recover individually it's global, but they reload individually as they should. No background reloading.


7) There are clothes with no armor bonus, so actual nakedness is not required for "mechanical nakedness" aka full speed. You can also enchant these clothes just like any armor set, nothing lost. 

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Interrupts do cancel animations, but I believe the player and AI will simply start to cast that spell / make that attack again.

I believe when you get interrupted while reloading a firearm it doesn't reset the reload, but it continues from where it left off.

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Changing weapons adds a base of 2 second recovery to your recovery time. It used to add a flat 2 seconds, but now when you weapon switch multiple times in a row it only resets that 2 second cooldown rather than adding 2 every time.

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Hmm, so basically interrupted animation frame sequence just will start over?


In the midst of an attack? Interrupt! Then, the attacker will have to remake the attack.

In the midst of recovery? Interrupt! Then, the recovery will keep on going from where it got cut off.

In the midst of reload? Interrupt! Then, the reload will keep on going from where it was stopped.


And how about recovery, going from ranged weapon fired into a spell and then back again? And how do I know when a long recovery-reload weapon is ready for a new volley, while I've shifted into spell-slinging mode? 

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I think you can lose spells and abilities but it's not due to the standard interrupt system. If you get stunned, knocked down or similar while a spell is being cast it appears that you lose it. If you get interrupted at least in the previous versions when I tested it the spell simply got reset and you could recast it again (no loss of spell cast).

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So, the good ol' days of interrupting spell casters is not as useful as it used to be. This explains so much....  

Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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