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What will be your main character at release?

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Hey there!


I am currently wondering what my main character should be at release.


Personally I have two things I want to implement in my playstyle:

1. Play with Companions only (so no manually created characters besides the main character if I don't need them to get the maximum out of the stronghold)

2. Be as diplomatic as possible (only the main character can use his attributes and skills in dialogues for those who dont know)


Now if I take a look at the Companions at the game I see that there are no Barbarians, Rogues and Monks. In addition it's probably a good idea to have a character with high Stealth AND high mechanics, so that you can scout while not getting killed by traps and don't have that divided on two characters.

The Rogue has a bonus on both.


So I guess the ideal complimentation of a party might be a rogue player character.

Then again, looking at requirement 2: Be as diplomatic as possible, makes me think if the Rogue Attributes and Skills can be used for diplomacy at all.

Stealth and Mechanics are probably pretty useless in dialogues.

I am not sure what attributes a Rogue will focus on. Probably Might, which doesn't appear to be very diplomatic.

I have also seen Enverxis videos where he made a Blunderbuss character with Int. But I don't understand yet why. Int would be probably good for diplomacy though.

Perception and Dexterity seem to be underpowered in combat from what I understood from various videos so not sure if this should be increased. Perception might be a cool thing for dialogues though.


Resolve seems to be a good diplomacy attribute. But I don't see a rogue taking it.


So I am pretty much unsure at that point whether to take a rogue or a different class which actually profits from the resolve attribute, though I am not a fan of having a caster or supporter characters as my alter ego.


So what about you, what will your main character be at release? And for which reason?

Also of course, if you have any tips for my dilemma I'd welcome them as well. ^^

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I'll lock it for now, Kor and when I get home I'll merge it into the other thread if you want.

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