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Helms, hoods, etc. are for aesthetic only?

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As far as I can tell Stealth doesn't take into account light levels, facing or anything like that. So my headcanon is it's some sort of magic. A sort of soul power people can learn that quiets their steps and cloaks them etc. Like a weaker version of shadowing beyond. Rogues having learned an even more powerful technique.

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So if a fire-godlike :fdevil:  is unable to wear a cowl, how the hell do they expect them to go into stealth mode? :facepalm:



'Hey, Fred... Do you see something over there?'

'Uummm... Sortof looks like a burning head... kind of thing. '

'Thats what I thought! OI! YOU THERE!'

'Hey relax man, its probably just... Its probably nothing.'

'Hrmm... Yeah okay, but I dont like it.'

Yeah, it's kind of hard to hide in shadows when your f***ing head emits light.


Fire godlike: *sneaky sneak*

Bandit: 'WTF dude I can clearly see you there.'

Fire godlike: 'Nu-uh, you don't recognize me.'

Bandit: 'The hell I don't, your f***ing head is on fire.'

Fire godlike: 'I'm a torch.'

Bandit: 'You're an idiot.'

Fire godlike: 'Said the guy talking to a torch.'

Bandit: 'You know what? You are right, I'm done talking with you.'

Fire godlike: 'AMBUSH! HA HA, didn't expect that, eh?'

Bandit: *groan* 'Oh. What. A. Surprise.'

Fire godlike: 'Damn right. My sneak attacks can cure snake hiccups.'



okay sorry, but snake hiccups ? what!?

Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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