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[480] Inconsistency of descriptions of items with quality enchantments



(BBv480, linux)


Descriptions/tooltips of different types of items with quality enchantment (weapons / armors / shields) behave differently. Weapons and Armors update their numbers (Damage or DR) to reflect the addition. However, in case of shields Deflection numbers are always the same. (although the description informs about the quality enchatment)




[Detailed info]


For example:


All three items have added Fine quality and are equipped on character with 12 Might (+12% Damage), 16 Perception and 14 Resolve (+10 Deflection), 4 lvl Druid. Info on character sheet: Base DR: 9, Damage 10-15, Deflection: 51.



The character sheet with the same gear without the Fine property lists: Base DR: 7, Damage 8-13, Deflection: 47. For the descriptions see the image below:





-> The Fine enchantment is probably added correctly. However, when checking the item descriptions, we can see that the damage and DR numbers of the weapon and armor, respectively, are updated with the enchantment, while the shield's base Deflection is always of the base item (10 Deflection in case of Small shields).




[Expected behavior]

To minimize possible confusion and the need to experiment on the player's side, I would expect the unification of the behavior. As weapons and armors show a fair consistency, perhaps tweaking shields to reflect new modified Deflection number would be the easiest solution.



I think the unification would be the most useful for new players, due to ambiguity of the item descriptions. It's not clear right away whether the listed enchantment in the description is included into the item's damage/DR/Deflection number or not, without equipping or comparing to the base item. So then the different behavior is making it even harder to understand.

Also may be related to the special shields' description issues Sensuki reported in the past beta:

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