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[435] Fog of War Issues




In this video I demonstrate two issues with the fog of war


  • Items disappear after the characters holding them with a noticeable delay, it would be better if they disappeared at the same time.
  • The edge of the fog of war is too soft, I would prefer a harder edge of the fog of war, and units also appear inside the edge of the fog of war. This causes issues in combat because the player can see enemies before they can see them, and generally doesn't look right.

I also don't really like how units "fade" in and out of the fog of war, but that's just my opinion and it's not a big deal or anything.

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(BBv435, linux)


In case it helps with something, I would like to add, that you can make held items reoccur again, when starting fight in the fog of war.


The easiest way, how to reproduce this:

1) Prepare high INT wizard with the spell Rolling Flame;
2) Target the spell into an area with NPCs/enemies not in the visible range;
3) Observe that, after being hit, they initiate combat and now you can see things held by them in the fog of war.


Picture below: Weapons and shields appear after being hit. And then you can watch the approach of enemies as items move.




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