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Wrong integer values of DR subtypes in descriptions of quality armors compare to the character panel info



[setup: linux build of BBv435, although the same issue was detected while playing windows version of BBv392/BBv435 under wine in linux]

[Description of the issue:]
For all armors with a quality enhancement (fine|exception|superb), the DR subtype numbers (slash,crush,pierce,burn,...), which are listed in the right-click accessible description, are in the most cases off compare to the same info on the character panel, after equipping the quality armor.

When tested by being attacked, all the tested numbers of the troubled DR subtypes are in the format of decimal numbers in the combat log.

-> So the integers on the character panel and in the description are probably rounded from decimal numbers (eg. 6.5->7, 6.3->6)?

However, in case of quality armors the values in the description window are rounded wrongly. Did a test for a few armors. For example:

Normal Hide armor:
Description window: DR: 5   (Pierce:6,    Freeze:6,    Corrode:3  )
Character panel      : DR: 5   (Pierce:6,    Freeze:6,    Corrode:3  )
Combat log             : DR: 5.0 (Pierce:6.3, Freeze:6.3, Corrode:2.5)

Fine Hide armor:
Description window: DR: 7   (Pierce:9,     Freeze:9,    Corrode:4  )
Character panel      : DR: 7   (Pierce:8,     Freeze:8,    Corrode:5  )
Combat log             : DR: 7.0 (Pierce:8.3, Freeze:8.3, Corrode:4.5)

Combat log values are taken from the tooltip formula, after being successfully attacked by the corresponding DR subtype.

The picture below shows the fine version of the item:



Didn't had time to test all the armors in the combat to get the correct numbers. However at least, I made a table (see attachment), where the wrongly listed DR subtypes for individual quality armors are highlighted in the red. For many of these armors, the description inconsistencies are checked in the base game. Afterwards, I used Bester's IE mod and the console command AddItem to take a look at other accessible armors. And the result is, that when an armor had a Fine|Exceptional|Superb property, it usually came with the same issue. Nevertheless, not to spoil the special items, the table contains only basic armors and their quality enhancements.


[Expected behaviour]

Expected behaviour would be, that all the armor DR values would be the same. I would prefer myself, if the correct decimal numbers (provided the combat log is right) are shown in all instance. And if not possible (easy readable integers?), at least correct the issue of inconsistently shown integer values for the quality armors. (used a wrong rounding function?)

[additional comments]

-- only exceptions to the quality issue are robe armors, because the base item (Robe) does not alter any DR subtype (It's flat 3 Base DR); and  Fine Scale Armors (Exceptional ones still show the issue).

-- in case of crafting, I have tried to add Fine quality to the basic Leather Armor and Padded Armor -> resulting items had the same wrong numbers as the bought ones.

-- proofing and attribute enhancements are probably working right, but didn't check that in combat, only by equipping.

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