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are you a zor dopple?  am wondering if you is doing on purpose.  


in the ie games, the paladin were very effective as a front-line combatant who could both deal extreme melee damage and absorb similarly extreme amounts of damage.  the ie paladin did not get spells until level 9, which meant that his capacity as a support class were limited to know alignment (HA!), protection from evil buffs, and the ability to heal.. heal 2 hp per level... once per day.  support class?  you aren't serious.  and no, people were not choosing paladins thematically to play a support role.  their paladin got exceptional strength and had best thac0 in the game and had damage potential similar, and not similar to a poe fighter.  the main difference between the bg paladin and the bg fighter is that the bg paladin automatically had dialogue winning charisma and likely had closer to optimized stats without requiring re-rolls. 


in the ie games, the fighter were also an extreme effective front-line combatant who could deal and absorb extreme amounts of damage.  the only difference in the damage potential between fighters and paladins were the potential to put five stars into a weapon proficiency for fighters as 'posed to two for paladins.  thac0 were same, and potential for exceptional strength were same and so to were your weapon choices available.  the ie game fighter shared the damage potential o' a poe rogue and the durability o' a poe fighter.  don't confuse.


is actual some irony in your assertions.  grandmastery were significantly nerfed for bg2: the extra attacks per round for * beyond specialization was removed. so by the time a paladin might be starting to develop support class abilities, the disparity between fighter and paladin damage output had been significantly reduced.  most of the paladin and fighter's damage potential came from strength bonuses and magic bonuses provided by weapons and other gear.  the +3 damage from grandmastery became a non-factor halfway through bg2  when damage potential for a single strike with the holy avenger were a mater of dozens o' hps o' damage.  grandmastery, the one advantage for fighters over paladins, was a relative non-factor by the halfway point o' bg2.  so, while BG grandmastery were significant, the BG paladin had near O potential for being a support class.  however, in bg2, when a paladin, but not an inquisitor, might have enough spell power to offer some meager support , the grandmastery aspect were almost complete irrelevant.


and again, why compare to fighters?  its the name that has your head messed up, yes?  the poe fighter has a tank focused role.  the fighter's role has also changed from the ie games, so what is the point of comparing dps potential o' paladin to fighter... though with correct talents, the fighter is still the clear winner.  regardless, both fighter and paladin roles have changed from bg and bg2... shoulda' changed the names o' both classes as folks such as you has legacy issues that you can't shake loose.


HA! Good Fun!

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