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Top 3 Most Valuable Classes


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most valuable is priest, at least on hard.  we can contemplate any number o' party configurations, but on hard difficulty, we would not survive for very long w/o a priest.


two more?  


am suspecting that with new build we we will need consider moving paladins up our list o' party mvp candidates... or perhaps not. in the most recent build, paladins were very easy to min/max into uberness and their buffs were some o' the best available in the game.  however, while paladin buffs will become relatively even more useful, the removal o' accuracy padding from max perception will likely significant diminish their combat efficacy.  currently, chanters is likely our #2 mvp behind priests.  the buffing for chanters is excellent, but more significant is their summons. in a game with few party summons available, and a tendency for enemies to bum rush our little band o' heroes, summons is invaluable.  in hard-mode, many enemies is capable o' one-shot or two-shot killing any party member, even our tanks. a summons that provides cannon fodder is welcome. 


regardless, priests is clear #1 mvp.


HA! Good Fun!

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Currently these are my favoritesL

Monk Class with knockback disabler is extremely powerful

Ranger class build as a board and sword type is alos powerful

Cipher class may not be as powerful but has some interesting skills although I may be biased because it is different and I like different.

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