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I agree with the OP to a certain degree.


The other side of things is, like Sensuki said, that people have to/are asked to give feedback. Now, what kind of feedback it is and how the majority thinks of it is another question. What's essential is that the developers can pick out and differentiate what truly would improve the game, while keeping their own concepts in mind.


When I'm reading forums (this one, or the Codex forum - with way crazier people :D) I'm sometimes amazed how much people can argue about issues that seem trivial or not really that important - but that's of course from my point of view. I'm just looking after a good story. The rest of the mechanics should just facilitate coming to the juicy party - if they make it more enjoyable, it's of course even better ;)

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I know pretending like you don't understand my sentence is easier than admitting the truth - nobody cares to make spiritual successors for Obsidian cRPGs but only the games before they were Obsidian (IE games). The success of EE editions is another proof of this.

*cough* The Old Republic *cough*Of course BioWare screwed it up bigtime, which is funny since they made KOTOR1.But hey, continue on not having a point...
Bioware didn't do The Old Republic, though. Afaik, a completely different studio (was it Mythic?) relabeled with the Bioware logo after Bioware was acquired by EA developed most of The Old Republic.I realize that there's nothing intentionally disingenuous about your point, but rather it's disingenuousness by proxy on EA:s part, and it doesn't matter overly much now that Bioware has been butchered and stitched together as yet another frankesteinian printing press of awful by EA, but let's just be clear on the point that the developers behind KotOR had next to nothing to do with the development of SW:ToR.
It was Bioware Austin and led by key Edmontonian transplants (Dr. Greg Zezchuk as studio head, James Ohlen as game director, and Georg Zoeller as lead combat designer).


Those are as key Bioware people as you can get. Ohlen was also lead designer on KotOR (as well as on BG and BG2) and Zoeller was its technical systems designer.

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"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

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