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Hey Backers !


I wasn't able to find any (or very less) informations about Guns being available in the game.

I pledged PoE but without access to the Backer Beta [ :'( ], my question was :


- What types of guns are (or will be) available ? Can anybody list them ? or just a few :).


- Is there one-handed Pistols / Dual'Guns ?


I'm interested in the Cipher Class and have seen that he builds his "Focus" on auto-attacks, so my guess was (Dream Mode Activated) that it would be cool to be a Cipher with Dual'Guns (just like Dual'Daggers) to auto-attack foes :D.


What can you guys tell me about this ?



PS : This isn't a Post about "Guns has nothing to do in Fantasy !" because adding Guns in a Fantasy World is a Fantasy too xD.

Just a question that I'm thinking about now : Any hints on an Open Beta soon ? Early 2015 ?


Cheers everyone :).


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PoE is based on a 16th century world where there were some early guns.  So far I have seen a blunderbuss and a pistol.  I understand the guns are wheel-lock and primarily useful against the wizards arcane veil.

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Hey Thanks for the reply !


Yeah I've seen that Guns are Wizards Killers, which is good :)

It's great that simple pistols are in, I've seen that the crafting allows us to improve our weapons, even the most basic one (but one you like), to make it more powerfull

& gives the opportunity to use it along all the Game.

That's really cool !

Now wait & see on Dual'Pistols ;)

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"Is there one-handed Pistols / Dual'Guns ?"


You won't be able to dual wield pistols. Firearms also take a long time to reload. Additionally, in the game world, guns haven't spread into the mainstream as massed-produced infantry weapons. Don't think anyone has of yet invented the volley fire drill.

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