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Well their be magic words in spell casting or are they gone?


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casters don’t have incantations in this game?, didn’t they add some voice acting lately??


Also just wondering, but wizards in this game don’t get xp from learning new spells, getting new grimoires? They actually have to pay if they want to learn unique spells which they don’t learn on level-ups? Another thing i’m curious about is how many grimoires there are in this game, so potentially how many different spells it’s possible to have access to in combat and how long does it take to change the grimoires during battle if you put them in your quick slot?


I think, from what i’ve gathered from the wiki, that getting to choose new spells from level-ups is pretty weak, i get access to 2nd level spells only when my wizard is level 3 and then i get to choose only two per-rest spells? What about the per-encounter spells, wiki says nothing about them?

Also, how good is penetrating blast on offense and hardened veil on defense, has anyone tried it? The ‘invulnerability spell heuristics’ (phew!) decreases casting time significantly?

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and hardened veil on defense, has anyone tried it? The ‘invulnerability spell heuristics’ (phew!) decreases casting time significantly?

I didn't really notice a difference.

The deflection bonuses from spells like Mirror image and Arcane Veil don't stack, so it's pointless to cast those spells if you already have Arcane Veil

Arcane Veil is instant and provides a lot more deflection if talented and doesn't waste a spell slot.

You could get lesser Invulnerability spell heuristics so you could cast Spirit Shield and Bulwark Against The Elements faster but casting those 2 spells in succession is already very fast without the talent and when i tested it i didn't really notice the difference at all.

Overall the spell buffs are pointless as none of them are worth the spell slot or will save you from the low health that wizards are blessed with.

You're basically wasting spells to keep your wizard alive so he will keep taking health damage, and at the end of the fight you'll be without most of the spells and barely any health left so you will most likely need to rest if you don't want him to die next time.

It's better if your wizard is in danger to just use your offensive spells to do max damage and when he gets knocked out as he will not only have more health remaining and more spells left for the next fight, but he will also do damage to the current enemy so you can finish them off easier.

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There is recorded VO in the game files and there are incantations. They just aren't hooked up to the beta yet.


I am not going to post any (more) because they asked us not to.

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thanks to y’all for the info. Very nice to hear that incantations are in the final game.


Have they nerfed the protections of casters, especially wizards, to make the melee mechanic viable? There’s that image of the powerful fighter who’ll protect my paper wizard.


This is stoneskin description from BG wiki: This spell creates magical skins protecting the caster from melee attacks and projectiles, but not from purely magical attacks (it will stop spells creating physical attacks such as magic missile) For every 2 levels caster gets one skin. Each skin will stop one attack.

No stoneskin in PoE, instead we get ironskin which according to PoE wiki only gives DT increase but you’re not immune to melee hits like stoneskin in BG2. So you’re still vulnerable, the spell doesn't really give you a breather. Spell also costs 4000cp (!) and is a 4th level spell. Stoneskin is also a 4th level spell in BG2 but come on Obsidian this is a low-level game.


Also, don’t know how it’s now, but at least some of the protection spells should be per-rest and should have sufficient duration and hopefully per-encounter are mostly cast in an instant. And the defense values of the spells should stack, wizard starts with just 10 deflection.

So, as it is now the only way to not have a defenseless wizard is let him wear armour but then his casting time skyrockets.

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Well it depends on how much DT it gives. Stoneskin in later editions of D&D also gave DT (10 to be more precise) vs physical attacks. It let your wizard live longer while not being immune to all damage and it worked OK.


In PoE it might be even better if you plan to have armor on your wizard as DT from armor and DT from Ironskin might stack and let you be immune to grazes and normal hits with only criticals being able to damage you.

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