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Sound design (not music)


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How do you guys feel about the sounds so far? The blips, the clicks, the steps, the creaks, the hits etc. I think this is an important part of the game's atmosphere.


I quite like many of the sounds in themselves but I think many of them feel quite "sharp" to the ear and a bit unpleasant at times. I guess the game is still in the process of being mixed but I think a fair amount of the sounds could do with being turned down in the mix to avoid "attacking" the ear. Some sounds, I think one of them was opening a bag of grains (not 100% but it was a container), are kinda harsh on the ears.


The ambient sounds are really nice I think, they work well within the environs and bring the music to life, as it should be I think.


The generic hit sound can get a bit repetitive.


Justin mentioned it as a possibility (but could make no promises) that we'd get more sliders for the audio volume, and I'd just like to say again that I'd really like that personally.


The footstep sounds I really like so far, the splashing in water can get a bit obnoxious. Think most of the footsteps could also be turned down slightly in the mix or, even better, if we could get a slider for that *also*. :)


What do you guys think?

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I like the Foley a lot. I always pay close attention to it in games because although subtle I think it adds a lot of texture to the environment. I love the opening door sound, it's weighty and chunky, the footsteps are solid and most importantly looting coins sounds satisfyingly chinkly. I can't really think of any examples I don't like. The tink for menus is elegant, the sliding paper for scrolls is not too thin or short, equipping armour sounds punchy and right.


Overall a very good job to whoever did the sound design and It's one of the areas I prefer IWD over the BG games (those footsteps on snow tho!) so Obsidian clearly have a very talented foley artist.

A bit late in the day perhaps but I would love to see an update all about sound design because it's cool and interesting.

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I found the sounds themselves nice, and they've made them less repetitive than they were at first. One problem I found though was I turned down the effects so the birds chirping were at a nice level then in the inn I couldn't hear the fire/chatter at all and had to turn it back up, then down again outside. There were quite a few level balancing issues but the sounds themselves were pleasant

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