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A couple MORE questions

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Beware: wall of text incoming and lots of questions. Bear with me without getting angry, please :)

  1. Been seing the gameplay videos, but I've not quite grasped the spirit of the OST. are there samples available?
  2. I've also seen base classes. what is the current level cap (is it going to improve?), and are "prestige" classes planned in the future?
  3. will the game allow for an upgrade system similar to D&D 5E template? for powering-up characters?
  4. I've also seen that we get a lot of attribute points at character creation. is there a current hardcoded limit for attributes? if so, can it be removed?
  5. the gameplay did not show any particular damage formula for the game: how free are we to add our owns?
  6. are there capes\cloaks?
  7. what kind of sound library is used for the game? which formats does it support?
  8. How much VO is present? can we create our own VA\soundsets\combat soundsets?
  9. How is terrain built? is there a "tileset" system similar to NWN, or something entirely different? - are ambients built in-scale?
  10. How much lighting is there in this game, as in dynamic lights? would it be possible to create a pitch-black dungeon, lit only by torches?
  11. How much support is planned, post-release, for this game?
  12. Is summoning\necromancy a planned feature?
  13. how much music is, in this game? ambient, battle, boss battle, event....
  14. are animated meshes + advanced lighting (glowing items, visual buffs etc) supported by the game?

EDIT: are there updates in kickstarter focused about combat and game mechanics? maybe some answers are there... :p oh, and some focused about spellcasting too. I am a mage freak...


Finished, for the moment :) and many thanks!

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Thank you for this. unfortunately, this has also created more questions and wishes... I wonder where I could write up a wishlist...

in any case, what I discovered and what I did not:

  1. No sample found, gameplay videos are too quiet for me.
  2. No answer to this. added to wishlist. nor there is mention of multiclassing.
  3. No answer at all. to the wishlist.
  4. Another question that remains unanswered.
  5. Partial answer: formulas are more complicated than I expected, but still not quite. I was very glad to see them tho.
  6. PArtial answer: Capes and Cloaks ARE present. no mention of hoods, however, nor if they actually SHOW when equipped.
  7. No answer at all, and no info present.
  8. No answer again, nor is info present.
  9. No answer on that, but I fear that everything is hand-painted... very pretty, but it will make it more or less impossible to create new areas.
  10. No answer at all on this point. could be very possible, if they upgrade to Unity 5.
  11. No answer at all.
  12. Summoning was here, but scrapped for reasons I do not understand. it would heve been awesome. no mention of necromancy.
  13. No answer at all.
  14. Again, no answer at all.
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In-Development: Turn-Based cRPG, late backing OPEN!


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This should answer some of your questions, but unfortunately a lot of them just haven't been answered at this juncture. Much of what we `know` is vague, incomplete, and/or speculative, and I believe very little technical information about the formulas, hardcoding and such has been released.


1. The linked page contains links to three music samples.

2. Based on comments from Obsidian, max level reached might possibly be around 10-12 range, but this is highly speculative. I don't believe there are any forms of prestige classes or multiclassing as such, but there will probably be options for high level characters that amount to something similar, but again, speculative.

3. Unknown.

4. Unknown.

5. Unknown.

6. In some form, but I'm not sure whether they exist in and of themselves or as part of other items (e.g. armour)

7. No idea.

8. VA is present but not universal, similar to most of the Infinity Engine games (e.g., Baldur's Gate, NWN1). I don't know whether there is support to add more, but given that it's very easy to do in most such games, you probably can.

9. No idea, though I think something on this may have been released.

10. As 9.

11. Obsidian will be supporting the game post-release, but to what extent has not been stated.

12. I believe that some classes will have some form of summoning (esp. wizard, maybe also druid), but I'm not sure of the nature or extent of it. Ranger has an animal companion, if that counts.

13. Um, I would expect there's music pretty much all the time? I don't really understand where you're going with this one... If you want a list of what music happens when, I don't think it exists yet.

14. Unknown.


For many of your questions I would recommend looking at the wiki, the page I linked, or using the magnificence of google.

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