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[301] Just a few bugs/glitches



Hi all! 


Just to list a few bugs I've noticed over my play of 301:


- My main character (a paladin) doesn't run, she just walks very quickly. She keeps up with everyone but its just weird (She's human as well, by the way, if that is important)


- When I was levelling up my ranger, the icon for his companion was still poking out from behind the border at the level up. Also, this icon is just filled in white. 


- When I continued my game, my BB Fighter was invisible but he did reappear during combat and was fine from there on.


- Traps activate my combat music, even when enemies are not in the area (found this in the underground temple by the river)


- There are splashing footsteps in this area on the rocky path between the entrance and the part where you can use the grappling hook. I don't see any water in this bit. 


- Those eye icons that tell you info about people sometimes stays on the screen permanently until I save and quit.


- The edges of the area aren't in darkness sometimes, despite the fact I am in the middle of the map.


This is all that I can remember from the top of my head. Not sure if these are known problems or not but better to tell you all of them just in case!


- YunikoYokai

My Blind Journey through the Beta. Join my transgender Paladin as I struggle to get to grips with the game and its mechanics. Well, I never said my first journey into an isometric RPG would be smooth, now did I?


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Hey YunikoYokai5. Thanks for all of the issues you've found. Most of these are known to our team and have been written up. In the future, please make a separate thread for each individual issue, it makes it easier for us to respond and track. Keep up the good work!

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