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[301] Oddities with Agressed NPC's after Loading a Save



Loading a saved game in which previously friendly npc's are made agressive results in a variety of unusual behaviours.


The NPC's are once again friendly, but cannot be talked to.

The Party Characters start Engaging the NPC. But do not attack them. Example.

Attacking the NPC's leads to only the attacked NPC to go agressive, the rest simply watch uncaringly.


[steps to reproduce]

1. Go to the encounter with the NPC Party near the dragons egg.

2. Keep all but the rogue quite a distance away. Move in with the rogue to trigger the dialogue and piss the NPC Party off so they attack you.

3. Use Escape to teleport a distance then run away with your whole party.

4. Kill any pursuers, there should only be one or two.

5. When the game signals the end of combat, save the game.

6. Walk up the the rest of the NPCs, observe they are agressive.

7. Load the savegame.

8 Walk up to the rest of the NPCs, observe they are now in a broken agressive state.


[Expected Behaviour]

The Agression state should be indentical after loading a saved game.


I have attached a savegame produced in step 5, simply walk north to see the broken state.

6b66ddf72c294c8ebb16c107130631e9 DyrfordCrossing 7698583.savegame.txt

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This bug can be reproduced in Dryford:

1. Get the quest "Cat and Mouse" from Medereth (west side of the bridge).

2. Talk to the "murderer" in the inn and choose to help her.

3. Go back to Medereth and save the game.

4. Talk to Medereth and choose to attack them.

5. Load your saved game: You will be attacked instantly.

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Thank you for your posting. This is a known issue that we are working to resolve. This occurs with most areas where you load a saved game within a scene while you are also in combat in that scene. It is a higher priority bug and should be resolved in a future patch.


Thank you for your support!  :lol:

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