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Creating your own Spells/Talents within the game itself

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So one of the best parts of DnD and freeform PnP games is that when you've invested a good amount of time into a concept you can work with the DM to create some unique game elements for them. If your character is a blacksmith you can forge your own weapons and armor, if you are a wizard you can pen your own spells, if you are a rogue perhaps you come up with your own feat or combat maneuver, etc.


In PoE you can craft items and enchant them, which is awesome and scratches this itch to an extent. But given how flexible many of the systems seem, it would be awesome to be able to create your own spell (name it, give it parameters, damage ranges, damage types). I know that this won't make it in the base game, but it would be an awesome thing to add to an expansion (or sequel)!


Alternately designing your own talent (within reason, the game can probably only handle a narrow band of choices) sounds awesome. If you had a cool backstory about being the grandson of a famous duelist and wanted your talent to reflect that by naming it "Lineage of Duelists" with something like Deflection +1 and Attack Rolls +1 with 1-handed blades. It wouldn't have to be those values necessarily, I honestly haven't looked at talents at all and just threw those numbers out there. The point is even just being able to name your Talent if it was just a pick 2 skills type thing would be cool to me.


Personally I would prefer to make a talent at character creation, but would prefer to make spells at later levels (more realistic, heh).

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