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Typewriter quotation marks and apostrophes



[Description of the issue]

You use the typewriter quotation mark " (U+0027) and apostrophe ' (U+0022)

instead of the proper” English quotation marks “” (U+201C, U+201D) and apostrophe ’ (U+2019).


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

In every text.


[Expected behaviour]

See above.


[Other remarks / Comments]

Assuming that the apostrophe isnt used as a single quotation mark 

anywhere, fixing this should be a simple search-and-replace.

(But you need to distinguish between opening and closing quotation marks)


Since you want to evoke the impression of old-fashioned/fantasy

print and you already somewhat focus on typography by allowing ligatures, 

I find that this issue hurts significantly. 


In other languages the quotation marks should be different, of course,

e.g. „“ is used in Germany and «» in Switzerland.








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* I agree that the use of English curly quotes (“...”) would be better than English straight quotes ("...").

* French quotes are «...».

* German quotes are „...“. To my knowledge, Swiss German tends to use »...« however, but the OP could be right that they match French quotes «...». Probably not super important unless you've got a localization specifically in Swiss German though.

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I've heard the German localization for PoE is very good so maybe there doing a better job there than in English.

Even though this is the most pedantic bug report ever I do agree with OP it would look better with fancy curly quotes, and probably some other fancy text stuff.

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