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[v278] Collection of mob stat issues



Will keep updating this one thread as I go along.

Most of this is on Hard difficulty and based on lore based collected Cyclopedia information.


NOTE: There are no DT information anywhere that I could see in there. I have no idea why since it's kind of THE one stat that you'd want to check before a fight...


Widowmaker (lvl 6) with less than 1/2 HP compared to Widowmaker Spiderling (lvl4)



Wolf (lvl 5) with no HP whatsoever


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Bumping this as I was just about to post it as well.


I think you are suposed to assume they are more beefed up versions of the regular ones, though it would be nice if the favor text of the regular wolves mentioned them. Elder Adra Beetles anyone?


DT information would be nice though vulnerability information would be even better even if its in the flavour text. The damage types are, afaik: shock, burn, freeze, raw, piercing, crushing, and slashing but nowhere are resistances to these mentined outside spells and weapons so we have no information on resistances and such.


I only found out that beetles were weak only to crushing damage through the forums (I mean youd go "but of course!" but nowere was this sugested in the game) on the other hand the Forest Lurker´s description at least mentions burning it (and even if its a plant and it would be obvious you can never know unless the game tells you about it, at least with this type of game).


During this I also found out why Adra Beetles do so much damage: they are suposed to be level 8 (and wood beetles level 6) and you are level 5.

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