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3D Character Model/2DCharacter Art Inconsistency-Aumaua



This mostly pertains to the Aumaua, namely their 3D character models compared to their offical art and general model inconsistencies.


Currently the Aumaua model options seem to be made with just island Aumauma in mind and this creates a mess of textures in addition to the unclear textures the models present.


Here is the female Aumaua model made to be as close as possible to the official portrait:




The Body textures and markings are unclear and blurry resulting in a very mudled effect. I get that the idea is a skin with rich patterns but this mixture of base patterns seems to be made specifically for the bluish coastal aumauma and the ensuing color mix ends up looking messy to say the least. Not to mention that the patterns are blurred enough so as to make them unreadable.


The same happens with the faces. The textures end up being blurry or not contrasted enough that the tribal feel is lost in a mess of blurry patterns.


Up next are the male Aumauma and their portraits:

Coastal Aumaua:





Island Aumaua:




Here we kinda have the same problem as before with the muddled textures, only the blue patterns (made clearly for the coastal aumaua) are more aparent, especially in the body. The body patterns are much more defined in the male model but the blue coastal aumaua tint kinda ruins things for the island aumaua character.

In short: Muddy patterns make muddy character models and they look bad on island aumaua due to blue coastal aumaua tint.


Regarding the faces these are the other two island Aumaua ones:






They both also have the "coastal aumaua blue tint" problem.


Now since the blue tint should be for the coastal aumauma it should look good on them right? Lets see:






It ends up being the same mess due to muddy patterns. The faces themselves end up looking a bit uncanny. The concept art shows sort of indian-esque faces but we have asian-ish ones here and the mess of paterns disort the faces further. It just doesnt feel like "fish people" or the exotic race Im asuming they are intended to be. Instead it kinda looks like the Blue Man Group: african tribe edition. Note: out of all of them I think the second female face is the best one but im still not seeing the concept art in that face. The face shape complaint probably falls under nitpic though as I have no idea to what measure an aumaua is a fish face or just a human with tropical fish skin and teeth.


Concept art discrepancies:

From the limited art we have seen so far shows Aumaumas with clearly defined patterns. The Island aumaumas have brownish/tan bodies with white/beige and black/brown patterns. Theor heads are round and meaty with big "fish eyes" with very big irises.

Coastal aumauna are blueish with white and yellow patterns. Their heads have eyes with small light-colored irises and seem more squared/elongated in shape


Also, lets talk about the new guy:


Just as a heads up, Aumauma dont have facial hair options in character creation. I dont know about the lore but if there is a portrait of a race with facial hair and that race doesnt have the option for facial hair then as cool as the portrait is its best to not put it there and just use it for the special NPC it is probably for.


I hope im not coming off as whiny or entitled (and I deeply apologize if I am), Im just trying to state these inconsistencies and visual issues that may hurt this original race (which is unique to this game) establish itself and hurt the legibility of the character model itself.

As a disclaimer I REALLY like the concept of the Aumaua and their concept art but Im just not finding that concept art translated well into the game.

I am placing this in the bug forum because I do consider the body types and colors mudding each other up a visual error. If mods feel this should be moved elsewhere feel free to do so, though I think its important that the devs know about this as I dont think its not a character model error.

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