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[v278] Information bubble click through problem.



[Description of the issue]

When clicking on an information bubble (circle with a magnifying glass), the party will attempt to move to that location in addition to the examination action. See the image below.




[steps to Reproduce]

Click on any information bubble that can be walked under and watch the party attempt to move to it.


[Expected Behaviour]

The information bubble should not cause the party to move to the bubble. The click should not fall through the bubble to the game world.


[Other Remarks / Comments]

Some bubbles - the area transition ones, for example - should and do cause the party to move to them. Information bubbles, on the other hand, should not, at least as long as they don't require physical proximity to activate.


As an unrelated side note, the forum's automatic picture shrinking function for large images is a tad bit annoying. It would be better if the forum left the images at their nominal resolution.

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