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Displaced Stealth Radiuses



[Description of the issue]

Edge paning while in stealth mode causes all the detection radiuses (allied and enemy) to be displaced from the character models. Saving and Reloaded seems to fix the iddue but unreveals the entire map expcept for the area you are in.



The following were the circumstances in which the bug happened:

1) I was in windowed mode (full widow)

2) The area was Stormwall Gorge.

3) I was revealing the area and moving to the left.

4) A deer´s detection radius could be seen but the deer model was still in the fog of war.

5) At one point there was a faded black line being displaced along the radiuses. Im assuming this was the edge of the screen.

Screenshots included below.


Displaced circles with border:





Displaced Circles:





After Reload:





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