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Expert mode and buff spell range


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I have seen some people play the beta and i have noticed something that i feel would be annoying in the game and feel the need to mention.

When you check the Expert mode at the start of the game you lose the circle that indicates the spell range when casting an AoE spell.

Baldur's gate also had this however, in Baldur's gate you were able to cast the buffs/heals out of combat so you could learn the ranges of AoE spells with a bit of experimenting.

However in PoE you can only use buffs while in combat.

And that is not the best time to experiment, unless you want people to save scum simply to learn mechanics.


My request is to add a separate option that toggles the spell range circle along side the expert mode.


I don't want to see skill check text next to my answers options however i do want to see the spell range circles, because i can't cast spells freely enough to learn them.




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You can turn on/off anything Expert mode removes individually in the options menu.

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