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Double UI Overlay Issue



[Description of the issue]

When in a merchant menu, accessing another UI overlay (character sheet, inventory) causes a rather awful looking mishmash.


[steps to Reproduce]

  1. Get any character.
  2. Go to a store or shop and open the buy/sell UI overlay.
  3. Open a different overlay (inventory, character sheet) by hotkey.
  4. Witness the horribleness.
  5. post-50781-0-76568000-1408663323_thumb.jpg

[Expected Behaviour]

Either one overlay should dominate the other, or user overlays should be inaccessible during a purchase.


[Other Remarks / Comments]

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Happens when you die too, you can open Main Menu on top of "Game over" window.



This is also a known issue. It is partially resolved in that you cannot use all shortcut keys, but there are some instances where a few buttons are still functional.



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