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The General Classes Thread


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Proposed Fighter Changes


I’m approaching this by making a fighter that is more of a classical build than a niche build defender type.  My goal is to keep the defense options still there and as a key role to playing them effectively.  The main motivation behind the change is that the AI re-design that has been discussed will make the fighter’s current play design even more boring and bland.  This design still keeps the fighter relatively low maintenance but makes it so there is a point to have more than one in the party besides having a solid front line. All number values and names(especially) are adjustable – trying to prove a point in the design rather than making something I would expect to see in game.


Level 1
Knockdown – functions very similar, allows for weapon range so reach weapons aren’t reduced in build viability

Constant Recovery – functions as is

Defend Modal - +10 deflection

Assail Modal – x1.25 damage


Level 2

Vigorous Defense – functions as is

Inescapable Modal – +2 engagements

Long-arm Modal – +0.5 reach


By level 2 the fighter would be able to change combat roles in battle four different ways.  Defend for 1v1 combat (maybe a heavy hitter like the ogre), Assail for when they aren’t the targets of attacks or need to dispatch things quickly, Inescapable for dealing with containing larger groups and Long-arm for when they are wounded( or maybe taking back seat to a monk).


Level 3

Armored Grace – functions as is

Weapon Specialization – functions as is


Level 4

Disrupt Modal – +25% interrupt

Versatile Defense Modal – +5 to Fort/Refl/Will


Level 5


Advanced Modals – Allows for 2 simultaneous modals

Weapons would serve a two-fold purpose with this design: 1) The different damage types would influence weapon type 2) Weapon speed would work better with some modals.




A 5th level fighter wants to hit the enemy party’s chanter.  The chanter has summoned several pets and is continuing to try to do so.  The fighter equips two stilettos and uses the Long-arm and Disrupt modals to strike past the summoned creatures and hit the chanter.  The chanter dies and the rest of the enemy party want revenge so they focus fire the fighter.  The fighter switches to a sword and shield and the Defend and Versatile Defense modals to keep alive while the rest of the party does the damage.


A 3rd level fighter is being attacked by a swarm of spiders.  He has a pike equipped and uses the Inescapable modal to damage them with engagement attacks as they come in.  After many of them are dispatched the rest close in so the fighter switches to double axe and the Assail modal to kill them as quickly as possible before they can affect the fighter with their deadly poison.

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1. When out of combat, Cipher's focus ticks down to 0 rather than resetting to full.

While I understand the frustration of Cipher spells at the moment - The majority of the reason Whispers of Treason, and other unlimited range spells, are overpowered is because they put you beyond the aggro radius of mobs. I would honestly prefer Obsidian fix the Range vs Mob AI issue before they think about nerfing the core resources of any of the Classes.

Yup. Hostile enemies should attack on sight. "Pullable" groups are incredibly immersion-breaking, and make me feel like I'm playing an MMO (not in a good way).

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Hello everyone ! =D


Honestly i really don't wanna see BG or IWD op Monks again !!!!!!!!!


But in regards of balance that goes for every other class as well be it fighters, rogues or wizards no class should be to powerful or to weak.


That being said no a fighter should not be able to use two modals at once just NO !

Its already (more than) enough that confident aim stacks with 1h style or that they can learn rapid regeneration !


Will there be more heads for characters ? Im asking because neighter fire or moon godlike have one that i really want its more like ok i take you but only because i don't have any other options. More heads for everyone ! =D


Testing the druid a bit i noticed that the boar is the only spiritshift that does piercing damage instead of slashing shouldn't there at least be one form that does crushing damage amongst the 5 ? The Deer for example ?


Speaking of the deer you are supposed the get a deflection bonus as well as one for saving throws while in deer form how high is that bonus exactly ? and is it actually working ingame yet ? The same goes for the boar dot and seriously 1 endurance regeneration seems meager compared to the fighters 4. About the nature godlikes Wellspring of Life ability does it work with the boar regeneration ? or with a fighters endurance recovery ?


Since all spiritshift forms are dual wielders does the two weapon fighting style talent work for them ? Right now the nature godlikes ability seems to be a bit lacking compared to the other godlikes. Maybe one needs to rethink this ability it should not only make hot effects occur faster but also make benefical effects of spells and potions last longer or be more potent.


About the wolf spiritshift form. You get a higher movement rate and can knock down enemies compared to what the other forms get that just feels plain. I mean this is the werewolf we are talking about after all the most iconic of all lycanthrophes and the abilities should reflect that !


Oh and one more thing i would really like to see "useful wich means competetive" throwing weapons in that game like stars,knifes,and axes. Fast speed but low damage for stars, medium speed and damage for knifes, and slow speed but high damage for axes.


Talking about speed i still think combat is to fast and i hope something will be done about it before the game is released.

Thank you to everyone that actually took the time and read the whole post ! =D

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Perhaps some feedback on chants? Since chanting is such a passive thing it's easy to lose track of the phrases. You can always check the party's buffs to see which phrase has just been cast, but to find out which phrase will be cast next you need to go to the "edit chants" window and look for it.

I've seen a sort of scrolling music notation in videos of older BB versions. Was that done away with?

Also, is it in the plans to have some sort of vocal component to the spell effects of the chanter? It would help some with the feedback without making the spells look too high powered. It would also be very cool!

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Rogue - Inept abilities.


I have been focusing mainly on Rouge while running the beta test, and while I have had my share of fun both playing and theory crafting, there are some of the abilities that leave me wondering. So in the spirit of sharing and in the hopes of getting heard, here is my rant and collection of suggestions for the rogue ability set.


The Catalysts, the active offensive abilities that facilitates sneak attacks.

- Blinding strike, Crippling strike, Fearsome strike, Withering strike.


- Blinding strike. This one is pretty decent, Blinded is a pretty good status effect to apply for the rouge as the reduction to deflection will let the rouge hit and crit more for the duration


- Crippling strike. The good part is you get two per encounter, the bad part is hobbled is a far inferior status effect to blinded.

- Suggestion: make a talent that improves it by adding "immobilize"  effect to it (or upgrades the effect from hobbled to stuck)

This would make it a great pick for ranged rogues and a good one for melee rogues.


- Fearsome strike. This one makes sense in its own right because by applying two status effects is pretty mean it also means it facilitates Death Blows on its own. But once per rest isn't often enough to warrant picking it.

- Suggestion: make it a once per encounter ability or thrice or twice per rest


- Withering strike. this is on all levels the worst one; it is available later than blinding strike and crippling strike, but is inferior to both. Weakened is a way worse status effect than blinded, it is almost on par with hobbled, but you don't get two per encounter.

- Suggestion: Make it last 3 times as long, this will set it apart from the others and be a staple against tougher opponents. Or give it a better status effect like stun or prone so it brings something different to the table and it actually makes sense to pick it.


The Situational RNGs, the abilities that will only work in specific situations and only on occasion.

Adept evasion, Riposte.


- Adept evasion. So in the game there are a bunch of aoe spells, and a some of these target reflexes, every once in a while someone/thing will target the rouge and if it is graces him adept evasion might save him. This skill got aprox 20% worse in [435] and it wasn't that good to begin with, there are a lot of if boxes that need to be ticked before the conditions for this coin toss are met.

- Suggestion: Make it so Adept evasion lets 50% of attacks that target deflection, target reflexes instead. This will make AE relevant for rogues with low deflection and High reflexes that tend to get in harms way.


- Riposte. Rogues start out with pretty crummy deflection witch means; unless you build a melee rogue with lots of deflection bonuses and preferably sword and board, you are not going to see this very often. It did however just get 3 times more likely in [435] given the new miss parameters, still this is so situational that it doesn't warrant wasting a skill on it.

-Suggestion: At the very least make it work on any melee attack that misses, no matter what it targets (this could also synergize well with my suggestion for Adept Evasion). Or rework the skill entirely something along the lines of: "Riposte, instant, the Rogue will dodge the next melee attack targeting him/her and make a free counter attack"


The Mobility Abilities, lets you get in and out of combat and gives the rogue choices on the battlefield

Escape, Coordinated positioning.


- Escape. This is a really cool ability and I can see some builds getting a lot out of this ability It is however only too easy to get pulled right back into combat given the short range.

- Suggestion: increase range and/or perhaps make it twice per encounter. So it can be used aggressively as well and won't just be a last way out.


-Coordinated positioning. I really like the idea, you can save a dying teammate or yourself, but you have to be REALLY close. Does it work? This is (and Escape as well for that matter) outshined by Shadowing Beyond. Does this warrant an ability slot in any build? I don't know And I don't have any suggestions at hand, this is just a bit too unique.


The Passives

Sneak Attack, Deathblows, Deep Wounds.


these all work, Deathblows might be a bit over the top ^^


The Rest :p

Finishing Blow, Reckless Assault.


These are cool as well, only thing is; I think Reckless Assault should give extra attack speed instead of damage - just sounds more reckless and assault'y to go faster!


I humbly apologize for the massive read, and if anybody made it this far, thanks. 

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Talking just base class stats. It doesn't make sense for the Chanter and druid to be low endurance and health. Chanters are supposed to be adventuring types so would make more sense for them to be at least average endurance and low health, to show that they are semi tough in a fight due to adventuring but low overall health due to bardic life of parties and story telling. As for the druid a guy who spends any amount of time in nature you would think would be a little more durable.

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