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Issue and bug report from a numpty :)



Morning, just a little itemized list of the stuff I've found so far.


  • Menu Tabs disappearing whilst in another. eg in Graphics and the auto-pause and others disappear.
  • Music overlap. When exiting to the menu screen the in-game music continues to play over the top of the menu screen music.
  • Infinite load screen after death.
  • Unable to hand in dragon egg as dialogue option with Hendyna non existant.
  • Floating equipment. Whilst in inventory screen character portraits often have their weapons floating to their side (shields particularly) 
  • Often can't zoom in and out.
  • Highlights around interactive objects can be out of place, behind/to the side of the actual object.
  • After hiring adventurer, infinite load screen on exiting the Inn.
  • No combat noises. magic effects/ melee strike sound effects etc.
  • Some items disappear from inventory when being moved in or out of item slots.
  • Beards disappear when wearing helmets... i like my sexy beard...don't take it away.
  • Game crashed after level up...it wasn't that awesome.
  • Continue doesn't seem to use the latest saved game file.
  • After level up character screen was...messed up.. for want of a better term. 




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output_log.txtMinor issues such as item thumbnails look like bags or sacks of grain.
One item, when my mouse pointer was on it, showed 'Missing String' yet it did have stats for a weapon (0cp, 12-20 Pierce Damage, Speed: Average)
One bug that is hindering me is when exiting the armor/weaponsmith, after purchasing and equipping "Angio's Gambeson" on my wizard, the game shows Loading, and never finishes, and have to hit escape and quit the game.
Party formation, (where each character stands in relation to each other), is tricky to use, but that might just be my learning curve.

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