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Party Formation Bug



Using custom party formations gives a different result than expected


1) Begin a new game

2) Open the custom party formation screen

3) Change the party formation

4) Close the custom party formation screen

5) Select all party members and move them

6) Notice that the formation is different to what you chose it to be


The party formation should be in line with how I customize it


Even if I change the formation back to the original one, the party formation is still rather strange.


I've attached a few screenshots of the custom party formation I had and the resulting formation in-game.


It seems BB Priest and BB Fighter's positions are displaced from their position as shown in the party formation screen.


The last screen shot (the most important one, IMO), is too big to upload, here is a link to the screenshot on Steamworks.





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Hello Natusake,


Thank you for your posting. Fortunately we are aware of this issue with formations and are working towards a fix for future updates. Each row on the formation screen is currently shifted from the row above and below it. By compensating for this, you should be able to create formations that are closed to the desired format. At least, until the issue is resolved.


Thank you for your feedback and assistance in the backer beta!

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I've been looking into this, because it was bothering me, and I finally tracked down what was happening. It is not that the rows are shifted with regards to each other. The rows seems to be working fine. What is happening is this:



The second and fourth character on the character bar (in the bottom of the screen) are both shifted one slot to the right of where they're placed in the party formation screen.



1: Set your characters in any formation configuration.The bug is easiest to see in the standard formation number 3, where the characters are behind each other on a line, but the bug shows up in any configuration

2: Move your characters around. Notice that the second and fourth character - in the standard beta setup, this is the fighter and priest - is offset from their given position.


3: Switch the order of your characters on the bottom bar (The one with health and stamina meters, not in the formation screen) such that you have new characters in the second and fourth slots.

4: Switching the order of the characters on the bottom bar changes the party formation setup, so reset your party formation to the one you selected in  step 1

5: Move your characters again. Notice that their formation is different from what it was in step 2 - the characters that's in the second and fourth slots are now the ones offset from the formation.


[Expected Behavior]

The party formation should not be affected by their position on the bottom bar, only by the formation screen


[Other remarks]

The formation menu probably needs stronger indications of which formation you've currently got selected, both in the selection menu, and in the menu where you change the formations around. While testing this I had a hard time seeing which one I currently had selected.



Two images are attached. Both show the same formation setup, but in the second one the characters has different positions on the bottom bar. Both images have been taken after a movement has been issued, and you can see how the characters are arranged in a different fasion.




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