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Key binding changes are lost when PoE is relaunched



Changes to key bindings are not retained between sessions.

Steps to reproduce:

1. From the opening menu screen, click Options -> Controls.
2. Change the Attack Cursor key to B.
3. Exit menu.
4. Quit Pillars of Eternity, then relaunch.
5. From the opening menu screen, click Options -> Controls.
6. Observe that the Attack Cursor key is now A.

Expected behaviour:


The Attack Cursor key listed should still be B.


Changing the key bindings from within the game instead of the initial menu screen has the same effect. Loading a saved game also returns to the default key bindings.

When given the option on first changing game settings, I selected the “save changes without prompting” checkbox and have not been asked to confirm any changes since. I have not been able to find an option to reverse this choice, so the actual bug may be a failure to save changes when the confirmation step is disabled. However, changes I make to Auto-Pause settings appear to be retained correctly.

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