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How To: Format for Reporting Bugs



[EDITED: BADLER] Please following example when posting bugs to this forum. It will help out the dev team in solving your issue.



[Description of the issue]

Example: Hitting an Orc with the One-Handed Axe of Doom heals it instead of damaging it!


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Load attached savegame

2) Select Mona the Mage (character #1)

3) Cast fireball on the nearby orc (Northwest of current location)

4) Select Bob the Axeman (character #2)

5) Hit the stupid orc in its face with your One-Handed Axe of Doom

6) Notice that the stupid orc gets healed by your attacks


[Expected behaviour]

Example: The One-Handed Axe of Doom should injure orcs!


[Other remarks / Comments]

Example: This only seems to affect the orcs in the Druid's Grove during night time.



Savegames / Screenshots / Crash dumps / Other files. If a file refuses to upload as an attachment, please try zipping it.



If you run into a crash issue or you think a bug might be specific to your machine, please include your system specs (Operating System, CPU, RAM, Video Card, etc.).


You can also attach a DxDiag if you are in Windows. To get a DxDiag press Windows Key + R, then type in dxdiag and hit run. On the menu that comes up, press the "Save All Information" button and save out the file. A DxDiag will list most of your computer's information so we can diagnose the problem properly.



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This contains all of the information we will need for any particular issue. I am going to stick this and change the title. We will be having QA folks come into this forum and convert bugs people find into our own system (which is close to this one).

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