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No News?

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Wouldnt you think we would have heard something by now?  Even a News feed about what to expect (as in download times locations, email with beta keys, etc).


Seems to leave a lot of unknown for a day of release.


Obsidian is stationed in Irvine, California. It's only 11:00 am there.


Apart from that one of the devs said a hour ago on twitter its coming today. 

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Places to keep a look in:
- Email: Whenever we get an update it usually drops into my inbox. I've got an eye on that.
- Pillars of Eternity Announcements Forum: We'll most likely get an update in there.
http://eternity.obsidian.net/ (Backer Site) -> My Account -> Products (Don't know if we'll get anything in there but I'm keeping an eye on it)

My guess is anything from 1-6 hours.

EDIT: Adam said "probably afternoon".

If you live in GMT+1 (Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome), "afternoon" in California (West Coast, PDT) is near midnight-past midnight.
Gonna be a long night :p

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Not like I need to be awake at work anyhow, right?

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