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will there be a digital version of this game? for example would i be able to purchase it through steam or something of the sort?

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Hi there,


Do you mean Project Eternity or a particular PnP game?

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No he means the Stick of Truth, judging by his other post.




No offence, mate. But are you having an off day? This is the pen and paper roleplaying section.

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Good observation, Wals


As to the OP, it's already listed on Steam. Though a PC release date is not yet announced to my knowledge.

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The main redeeming thing about Ubisoft getting the game to me, was that they would hopefully take the DRM from being Steam-based to Uplay since it's offline mode would actually let me play after 2 weeks without checking back in.


Of course, if it isn't going to be mod-friendly, and now that I have a working Xbox again, I might just pick up that version instead.

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