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Version Control in New Vegas GECK?


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I tried asking this question in the forum that this forum links me to (BethSoft) when I click on New Vegas. I never got a reply there, so I'm trying here - since this seems to be for devs.


I am wondering if Version Control works in the New Vegas version of the GECK? I got it working in Oblivion, Fallout 3, and now in Skyrim - but I just can't seem to get it working in New Vegas :/


I updated the GECK wiki a while back with intrustion on how I got VC working in Fallout 3 (there a links to Oblivion/Skyrim VC there) and F:NV seems extremely similar. Everything goes fine up until the point where I have to add masters and generate the .fid .fud .fvd files, but when I click on Details to generate them, it never asks me "Do you want to use an empty list to save memory?". Instead, a long list of Forms loads. Meaning, I can't do the "Bit Array File Update" in order to generate the .fid .fud .fvd files - IE: VC not working.


Usually when I have that issue, it's because the user name specified under "WhoCanMerge" is wrong. But here's the thing, Fallout 3 GECK is so similar, I can copy a working FO3 GECK ini to the FNV dir and nada.


I have been advocating VC for large projects and I'm constantly asked "did you get it working for NV?". The GECK is an unstable mess when working on large projects without VC :/


I'm hoping one of the devs here might have a trick up their sleeve or something ;)


Thanks in advance.

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I am still wondering why they disabled version control. Was it hardwired to the dev server or something? Other than that I just can't imagine why such a useful feature was removed.

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The network information resides in the GECK ini file. Whether you're a team or a single user or whatever, you have to enter the network addresses in the ini file.


Some parts of it seem to be functioning, but then it just dead ends. :/


It will read from ini's and write new ini's like it's supposed to. It just never generates the .fud files (Bit Array File Update) for the masters which is required. Since I can't get past that step, I can't check to see if the actually check in / check out / merging functionality is still there.


I don't know why they would remove VC from NV geck, but leave it in Oblivion CS, Fallout 3 GECK, and now Skyrim CS. Without VC, large projects are an uphill battle against the editor. The bigger the mod, the more unstable the editor. There are some 3rd patry tools for merging, but they do not create the proper ONAM overrides which allow masters to talk to eachother.


Say you edit the mavmesh in the NV world in order to add a mod that uses an esm also. The mod should have ONAM overrides in the header for each override in the main esm. Without that, glitches like NPC's not following you through doors is basically assured to happen.


My advice, without VC, keep your mods small (<1MB) in order to save your sanity. That is unless you have a firm understanding of the 3rd patry tools and are willing to live with some glitches.


Do Obsidian devs chime in here? If they could confirm it's removal, I can stop trying to get it working ;)

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I posted in haste without first checking my Inbox, which had a new message from J.Burke! :)


Fallout 3 uses these:


While Fallout NV uses these:


So you have to prepend "Sudo" for the NV version of the GECK and obviously replace Fallout3 with FalloutNV where applicable.



Thanks ;)

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