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Update #56: Paladins and Wild Orlans

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For example; your generic necromancer is evil, scheming and would eat your soul. I would wish to play neutral good necromancer. I don't have to curse people and send undead against them to be necromancer. Necromancy is just a knowledge, a tool if you will that can be used for good and evil. If i could raise someones tragically killed wife in game so they could have last words of parting to lessen the sorrow I would do it for the good. It's like with knives. They can be used for preparation of food for the hungry (good) making yourself a snack (neutral) or stabbing people in the threat (evil). In the end it's tool.



I don't think the raised wife would be able to say anything otheer than "muuuuuhhrr! or "braaaains".


Ressurection and raising dead are different things.

And while it might not be "EVIL evil", you are still desecrating corpses...when you don't have to. With so many magical disciplines and ways to fight, you choose to use the corpse of someones mother as a puppet?

Evil or not, poeple will rightly consider you a d***.

Not necessarily. Part of the reason why we consider necromancy evil is because of a long history of funeral rites, trying to honor and prepare the dead for the unkown and because fairy tale/old school necromancy was about enslaving the victim's soul. Nowadays it's just as often simple body animation.

In the world of P:E, you know where a dead soul goes - corpses are be free game. Unless necromancy specifically works by messing with the departed's soul.

It's all about the people's mindset, and theirs doesn't necessaraily align with ours.

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