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In-game achievements, trophies, popups etc

In game achievements, trophies   

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  1. 1. Achievements in Project Eternity

    • Yay ! I love achievements.
    • Nay ! I don't need achievements.

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Therw were great achievements in Baldur's Gate II, like the red dragon armour, great NPCs, or the player stronghold, and Icewind Dale has great rewards like the weapon made from Gloomfrost ice, or the sword Cera Sumat. That's the kind of achievement I wish to see in Project Eternity.


But they were hardly achievements were they? We're discussing the modern gaming "phenomenon" achievements. Getting little badges and whatnot.

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Achievements? No, thanks. They're unnecessary and for the most part puerile. Any accolades for my character should be handled within the context of the game, not as a pop-up or some sort of bucket list used for bragging on the forums. It's a game, not an IRL achievement, kids. ;)



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I think that, for a game like this, there's nothing wrong with achievements being outside-the-game, recorded tidbits of things you've accomplished and/or specific paths you've taken through situations. But, they don't ever need to be present INSIDE the game, except as literal achievements (accomplishments recognized by the reputation system, or other things within the actual game world).


If I can open up Steam (or voluntarily look in some specific game menu) and see a list of achievements, meant for the player and not for the character/gameworld, that's fine by me. But, yeah, the game, in no way, needs to say "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU MADE IT TO THIS CITY!"


Although, it would be slightly hilarious if there was a trickster-type deity, and his booming voice resounded from the sky for all your party to hear, whenever you accomplished something he enjoyed. (But really, I don't want that. It's only enjoyably funny in HypotheticalVille)

Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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If your character is someone of note(e.g. Fame > 40), your character should get an entry in the codex that gets updated every time you do something significant; maybe even add slight inaccuracies or exaggerations depending of your character alignment. That is, if they include a codex, rep system, and an alignment system.

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