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Massive in-game lag spikes

TSL Lag Spikes Lag Spikes AMD Raedon Obsidian Is Best Pony

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I've recently decided to re-install my old physical copy of TSL since I've heard of the new compatability between TSLRCM and M4-78 or whatever that new droid planet is called.So I start-up the game,make my guy,blah blah blah.Right after the opening cutscene of the Ebon Hawk docking into Peragus and awakening from the Kolto Tank,what starts happening?Massive amounts of lag to cause lag teleportation for my character.


I'm running on lowest settings to the point of disabling shadows and grass and using Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 and I'm still getting massive lag.I have no mods whatsoever besides the mss32.dll fix,which I highly doubt would impact preformance,and I have everything running under compatability for XP2 and running said things as Admin.I have scoured the internet for answers,but I have found none.So I'm hoping one of you kind souls on here will help me out.Thank you in advance. :D


Specs are as shown:

OS: Windows 7 Home Preminum (64-bit) (Service Pack 1)

Graphics Card: AMD Raedon HD 7640G

Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU With Raedon HD Graphics (4 CPUS) ~1.9GHz



DirectX: 11



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Can be many reasons :/

Personally I had that happen if I unlocked the taskbar (at the bottom of your screen, not quite sure if that's what it's really called in english), and it was interfering with the game somehow. Check if maybe that's the case with you too?
(right click, then lock taskbar)



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a solution to a similar problem in a different game was posted here: http://www.gog.com/f..._got_a_solution


here's another resource that's specific to TSL, but I'm not sure it applies to your problem.


you may want to check 'em out and see if it applies to you!

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