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Design a God for PE.

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Robutte Grimmaran Drai'Go



The God-Emperor, God-King, Master of all, Lord of Gods




Many legends exist on the great Lord of Gods, and none can cofrim if they are true. But most legends agree that he was a man without equal, both in body, mind and magic. In ages long lost to memory, after the lands were split by the great cataclysm, and empires fell, He emerged to unite the people again.

Marching at the head of a mighty host, he conquered any and all who would oppose. None could stand agaisnt his elite knights, sons whom he created with his own blood and magic. Giants clad in heavy armor, nearl yas immortal as he was, the Setrats Adapti conquered the entire world for him. Seeing his great work accomplished, the God-Emperor ascended to the heaven to take his place at the throne of gods. But his sons started warring against eachother and the mighty empire he created splintered.


It is said that the Lord of Gods is dissapointed by the mortals of this world, and that he will only return once they prove worthy.

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Chuck Norris was wrong once - He thought HE made a mistake!


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Taken from Update #40: Orlan First Look and Ziets on Pantheon Design thread:


Easy: society might be greedy as well. You pray to GREEDOR, god of, um... greed? Good for you! We could also use some of that wealthy bless, mind if we tag along? But what about deities who are greedy, though? Does STEVE god of crazy hairdo's and biscuits pray to his neighbour?


Does it count?

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Sacum Sev, God of the night sky and second chances. The tortured, the weaver and the thread.


Sacum Sev was said to be a weaver of fine tapestries and rugs back in the timeless period when the world had no night sky. He resented his life as a weaver, knowing he was made for greater things, and carelessly and casually cursed his luck to anyone and everyone who would listen, and many who would not.


Every day, as the threads passed his hands, he would say he should have been born a fisherman, because then at least he'd have the wind in his hair, born a lord, so he wouldn't have to work, born a warrior, so he wouldn't have to pay for protection, born an animal, so he wouldn't have to deal socially, born anything but a weaver.


But a weaver he was, and a fine one at that. With scorn he'd add little jokes and mockeries in the tapestries he made for the kings, subtle and hidden unless you knew how and where to look. With cynicism he'd add colours to the rugs he made which he knew were slightly different, better, in his opinion, that what the customer asked for.

His tapestries were well known, and his skill was sought after enough that he didn't raise an eyebrow when a filthy rich looking, in his opinion tastelessly dressed man entered his atelier, and requested something special.


"Anything you can think of" he promised the customer "But I can do better" he added for himself. "But it will cost you"


"How about a different life?" the customer offered. "You say you can do better? Prove it, but if you fail, I will cut your hands off"

The exact exchange is lost to time, but the following is known.


Sacum Sev could set his own price

all materials were supplied to him paid for by his customer

he had one year and one day to complete his work

if the customer was unsatisfied, he would, indeed, lose his hands.


Suitably motivated, Sacum Sev set to work, he picked the finest materials available to him, and let his best pupils join on the tapestry meant to tell the story the strange lordling had offered him, but better.

This involved countless jokes at his expense, slight alterations and subtle changes in meaning. He even managed to add something that looked precisely opposite in different light, under different angles.


Pleased with himself, after one year and one day, the customer returned. It took all but three seconds for this man to see all the jokes at his expense, all the subtle shifts, and the cynicism.


"You are right!" he said "This is a work of art, but I am not satisfied"

For three weeks the customer proceeded to point out all the flaws in the tapestry, not once commenting negatively on the jokes and meaning changes, but not ignoring them either, suggesting improvements on some.


After three weeks, he demanded Sacum Sev extend his arms.

Overcome with fear of losing his livelihood, as well as his life, Sacum Sev pleaded for his life. "Please, Please give me another chance, a second task! I will not fail"


"I want you to create something truly magnificent" the customer said, revealing himself to be a God (though which god is still widely disputed, even amongst the followers of Sacum Sev. Usually it is glossed over)


On the spot he slew Sacum Sev by severing his hands, took his soul, and set his soul to task: Create the most magnificent tapestry the universe has ever known. You have all the resources you need, your mind will form the shapes, your soul will feed them.


It was thus that the sky and the stars were created, Sacum Sev's masterwork, containing himself.

Sacum Sev got his wish, he had a different life, and yet it wasn't what he expected it.


Sacum Sev's main temple is built where he was supposedly slain.

He is worshipped by lovers of the clear night sky, weavers, and petitioned (regularly) by those desperate for a change in their life. Although it is said he only helps those skilled at what they resent.

People who have been given a second chance against all odds thank him, and temples are filled with donations from those who believe their second chances are a gift from him.

The Temples are only open at night. Every year, on the celebration of Sacum Sev's death (or the celebration of the completion of the night sky, there is some fierce debate amongst theologians which it is which is celebrated) A giant tapestry is crafted and burnt as offering. It takes a year to craft the tapestry, which can never be perfect, because that would require a year and a day of work.


if the night is clear and the stars are visible, it is considered to be a good omen for the year to come. A rainy day is considered a terrible omen. And much is done in order to improve the odds of good omens. (this includes building temples in dry areas, or above cloud cover)


Temples to Sacum Sev are found throughout much of the world, but are relatively new in Aedyr's colonies. They are filled with tapestries and rugs, usually of fine make. Priests of Sacum Sev wear fine clothes of excellent make, filled with self-depreciation jokes. Crafting your own robes is part of becoming a priest.


Priests of Sacum Sev practice either weaving, astrology and astronomy, or oversee rehabilitation projects for criminals, as part of their duty to provide second chances to those who are willing to work hard on them.

Due to the lavish amount of tapestries and rugs, frequent fires have given the priests of Sacum Sev some expertise in fire prevention as well.

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Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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