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Environment in PE  

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  1. 1. What approach to nature should be prevalent in PE?

    • Idyllic. Trees will be hugged and many a squirrel chased
    • Pragmatic. Go light on your resources, but don't impede progress
    • **** you whale and-a **** you dolphin.

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In the r/w, civilizations have ravaged nature since the Bronze Age.


With some of PE's inhabitants being at the level of Stone Age cultures, and others much more advanced, how will the environment be affected by the sentient species? Should there even be much of a "Dyrwood" left, considering the busy smithies and bustling fleets of Aedyr and Vailians?


Will the approach to nature be a matter of contention among the different races? With two nature-dwelling classes, the druid and the ranger, will we get caught up in a struggle to preserve the landscape?

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I guess I'm a tree hugging hippie, but don't you think the world will be so much more beautiful visually if nature is vibrant and colourful around us in this game?

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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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Given the seeming tech level of the game, I'd say pragmatic.

That's assuming magic can't spell food, shelter, and a world economy for everyone out of thin air, of course.

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Humans during the medieval period were not even close to seriously taxing the environment. It's a non-issue.


Not true. For instance, people would throw their filth and garbage in ditches and rivers, or even out of their windows. They would also hunt animals to extinction without giving it a second thought.


Even the ancient Greeks had a drastic impact on the environment. The building of ships, especially warships, required immense natural resources, resulting in the near-complete deforestation of the Balkan peninsula.


I voted for option #3. I have a very hard time imagining a Medieval tree-hugger...

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Humans during the medieval period were not even close to seriously taxing the environment. It's a non-issue.


I agree with you to some point. But even in the ancient times whole areas were deforested to build ships and temples (actually the whole midle east and many other areas, here's a link if you want to read about it: http://www.eh-resources.org/wood.html ).


I really like lush lands, so maybe the blacksmith could be located next to the guild of mages so they could provide the fire? Maybe smithmages? I was always wondering how all those legendary magical weapons are made, but rarely met a really great enchanter/smith (or never... why not be able to create/order our own real legendary weapon... not just some ****ty +4 sword with +1d3 fire dmg, but maybe a talking sword with a personality? just forget the ancient bull**** materials, magic is real here and now)


Uhh, got sidetracked there... so maybe only cut the trees in a large area near bigger cities, to see the destruction but to have enough lush land remaining so the PC could protect it or destroy it to further a personal agenda or get more wood for the war effort to protect citizens... make it a deep moral question... well only if you want to include environmental awareness in the game/story

/not an English native, sorry for unintentional rudeness and/or mispellings

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Well even in our own world while we have been steadily raping the planet there are still many idyllic landscapes around. I'd assume that with the whole world not being industrialized that it wouldn't have been stripped bare. So I guess I just want it to make sense. If I'm in an area right outside the city I'd expect it to be mostly farm land with scattered houses. If I'm in the middle of nowhere I think things should be bit more untouched. If there is a reason for an area to show the hand of man then by all means include it, otherwise I think it would make more sense to for things to be left wild. Whether that means lush forest, barren plains, swamps, grand mountains, or rocky coasts.

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