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Well, I'm okay as long as I get this game in 2014. I will be OK even if the finished game is not as one here said polished like a mirror, as long as there will be some pathes and upgrades after releasing product.


I really like philospohy of those developers and publishers that, are supporting game long after release.

"Go where the others have gone, to the tenebrous limit

for the golden fleece of void, your ultimate prize

go upright among those who are on their knees

among those turning their backs on and those fallen to dust"

Zbigniew Herbert, Message of Mr. Cogito

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I'm not so concerned about the actual retail release date, I'm sure Obsidian knows what they need to do to keep going forward with this IP. Internal deadlines are important though, and I hope that their experience with past games has taught them when to push for stricter deadlines and when to cut the devs some slack.

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Exile in Torment



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