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This is a minor suggestion to embellish and give a deeper dimension to characters and companions and also making players get more art related to the game.


Since we will be playing this game for lots of hours and my characters will probably face months or even years in "game hour", i would like the possibility to make them register their journeys and i could get those registrations.



This could be a very funny way and a great excuse to players to get fine desktop wallpaper, epic poems, cool songs, all made by the great artists that will be part of the making of Project Eternity.


We could get JPGs with sketches of monsters, NPCs, simplified 1 minute versions of the soundtrack, poems and epics written in text...


Instead of making us go to Obsidian forum to get these pieces of art from PE staff (whenever available), we could get those inside the game:


"In the village in Storm Mountain Peak, after reaching the temple belvedere, you character can get an amazing painting from INSERT ARTIST NAME"


These could be done with paintings, sketches, poems, chanting, songs...



What exactly I am talking about:


Example 1: After a major victory in a hard battle, my companion could say "This battle inspired me, i'll write a song about it this night", and your character could enforce or reject that artistic inspiration.


Example 2: As reaching a completely remote place or a never seen before dragon, the talented priest wants to paint or draw the scenario to show to his church. Again, a dialog comes and you can enforce or reject that "We have no time for that now".


Example 3: After 3 months of journeys together, the bard could make a poem about your travels "The Ballad of My Character".


Example 4: The druid, inspired by the greatest forest he has ever been, plays a new tune in his flute to express that happiness.


Example 5: The "exotic" barbarian that recently joined the group, excited about being part of our part, grabs his awesome tabla and makes fine rhythms with it.



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I think reactions from NPCs is a big part of roleplaying in general. Be it a Bard's song after a victory in a game, be it a new, meaningful title (*cough* not Skyrim *cough*) in a P&P or the tales of a storyteller which get around and get you known (actually happened to me at a big (1000 persons ca) LARP. That's really cool.

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When it fits I'd be all for it. Not every character or NPC should be artistic and express the journey through art but I think it does add flavor for it to happen sometimes. I'm not sure if anybody is familiar with The Way of Kings, a fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson, but he has a character who does this fairly well that book. She's a noble who spent a great deal of time practicing drawing and as such at chapter breaks you get to see some of 'her' artwork about what she's seeing as she leaves home for the first time. If there was an artistically inclined character I'd love to see some of the concept art from the game make an in game appearance as 'their' work.


Here are 2 quick examples of the sketches from The Way of Kings.




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Another interesting artsy thing might be that as the adventure progresses you come into taverns and you hear them singing songs about your exploits ... or maybe some of the villages have local painters that are painting your adventurers

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